Can Abyss – Dedication

Releasedate: 14.05.2024

Can Abyss was a new name on our radar when we heard of their album ‘Dedication’, but it’s a band that has been active since 1994. It just took them 30 years to release this album, so it was definitely worth the listen. Let’s dive in!


First of all, dig the name. Can Abyss has released the five-song album ‘Dedication’ and it’s a great collection of songs. Fret not! Even though it’s only five songs, the shortest song is 5:33 long, so you’ll have plenty of time to listen.

That Lighthouse

The album starts with ‘That Lighthouse’ and what a beginning of this album. The song starts with a powerful riff that immediately has you banging your head to the song. Seven minutes may seem long but they definitely know how to keep you invested. The song is well-constructed and well-written. Towards the end of the song, you’ll be surprised with a jazzy mellow piece that may leave some people wondering what’s going on. But hold your horses and wait for it. You won’t be disappointed.

The Wolf You Feed The Most

‘The Wolf You Feed The Most’ starts off with an aggressive and heavy start with nice and dirty dissonant chords. It takes you through the song and also has a more mellow and chill bridge in the song. Whereas the melody is very pleasant to listen to, the lead that is played over it feels a bit simple and underwhelming. But that is honestly the only criticism I have for this song.

A Mötorhead Who Loved Death

‘A Mötorhead Who Loved Death’ is the longest song of the album, passing the eight-minute mark. The track is almost completely instrumental but it’s a work of art. A soothing start that leads into a prog-ish bit that lasts for a good while. Though it doesn’t change too much until the solo starts it doesn’t feel too long for some reason. The catchy riff keeps you invested (or at least kept me invested) and evolves into the final stage of the song, where they give you some words of goodbye.

Organized Mime

The fourth song is ‘Organized Mime’. These folks definitely have their wordplay on point. This song also consists of powerful guitar play but definitely allows the bass player to shine as well. With very cool bass licks that are accompanied by beautiful guitar melodies, this song is a witness to their ability in songwriting (where were those beautiful melodies in the second song?!). Followed by an enticing guitar solo and a great heavy outro that takes you back to the starting riff.

Death of a Star

Last but definitely not least is ‘Death of a Star’. This is a massive and strong song as well. They know how to construct their songs well, that much is also shown again in this last song. The song casually progresses from one part to the other and takes you on the final journey of the album. They chose to start more complex and mellow down a little towards the end which brings you to a nice ending to the song, as well as the album.

Final Words

All in all, ‘Dedication’ is a great album for anyone who likes heaviness with the influences of Death Metal and Black Metal. Can Abyss knows their stuff when it comes to songwriting and I’m definitely waiting for more of them to be released. Another very important thing I would like to point out is the mix. The natural feel in the production has been executed meticulously and wonderfully. What makes me really happy is that I can hear the bass guitar well because it’s definitely not the “simple following of the chords” but very interesting and well-executed bass lines.

Keep it up, Can Abyss. Great job!

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