Everything Decays – Requiem1: The Serial Killer’s Symphony of Liberation, Deliverance and Relief (Review)

Releasedate 31.05.2024

Everything Decays started out under a different bandname, but have since released two singles and now, an EP. The EP with the forever-to-be-remembered impossibly long name ‘Requiem 1: The Serial Killer’s Symphony of Liberation, Deliverance and Relief, that is. Or, Requiem 1 for short. Let’s head into this serial killers tale and hear what we we thought of it.

Requiem 1

Requiem 1 is a concept album that tells the tale of a serial killer from beginnging to end. From the start of the tale with The Monster That You Made Of Me to the inevitable Suicide, and the Legacy he (or she) leaves, the tale is complete. Expect deep growls, powerful screams and at times, spoken word, and haunting female voices. Everything Decays classify themselves as groovy deathcore. With two vocalists to take on that role, expect heavy, groovy tracks with the occasional blastbeat and breakdown.

The Creation

The Creation: The Monster That You Made Of Me kicks off the album with groovy death metal right away. Everything Decays play groovy deathcore, so none of that grimy sounding guitars but instead, crisp and clear sound and groovy riffs. If you would have labeled it modern deathmetal, I would have bought it too. It’s fast until the break at the very end. The ‘No more hiding from me, anymore’ part and the groovy part right after leaves us wanting for more.

The Addiction

After the creation, we fall into The Addiction. We hear a whole different side of the female vocalist, and a different side of Everything Decays. Again we have the groovy repeating riffs, but we have to wait till the second part of the song for the blastbeats and the fast chugs. This song is very well thought-out, with the lyrics and the music complementing each other well. The gang vocals ‘there’s always something new’ seem haunting in light of the track. And because it’s a concept album, the vocal at the end ease us into the next track ‘The Collection’ with the lyrics: Welcome to my gallery.

The Collection

Not that there’s anything easy with The Collection. It is probably the most moshable track on the album right off the start. Everything Decays manages to combine the fast deathmetal parts with the groovy riffs well. It makes for an interesting listen where you want to bang your head and smash all the furniture around you. The vocalist shows again on this track that she is way more than a one-trick pony. Again the clean vocals, fitting the groove metal vibe well, shine throught at the final part of the track, which leads us to Suicide.

The Suicide

The Suicide kicks off with the blastbeats and a very poppy chordprogression for the heaviness of the subject. Besides the expected growls, there are almost rap-like spoken word parts on this track as well, adding to the story. The riffs on this track are interesting, becuase they consistently aren’t what you expect. From being just one note off of what you’d logically expect in the mainriff, to bringing groovy parts where you wouldn’t expect, or just the poppy chordprogression in the intro. Everything Decays manages to make this track interesting to listen too. And with the ending of the track after ‘ We became the monsters, lurking in the dark’, or just that whole part, it’s almost progressive metal.

The Legacy

The Legacy was a track that we’ve heard before. I remember talking about this track on our tiplijst, being surprised by the vocals and the riffs. Again, an almost progressive track with a lot of variation and interesting parts, groovier than some of the others.

Final thoughts

Requiem 1 is a super interesting album to listen too, cause there’s a lot of surprises, even though I spoil many of them in the review. If you’re into groove metal, definitely give this album a listen. There are deathcore references in the album, but that’s certainly not the mainvibe. The most interesting track to me is probaly The Suicide. However, I’’d recommend listening to this album as a whole, because you’d get the full story and the tracks make a lot more sense that way.

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The Creation: The Monster That You Made Of Me
The Addiction: The Thrill Of The Hunt
The Collection: The Soulless Will Remain
The Suicide: A Last Act of Atonement
The Legacy:Transcended My Mortal Coil

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