Gallamesh – Conditioned Pt. 1

Releasedate: 21.06.2024

Gallamesh is a new modern metal band from Amsterdam, and they just released their debut EP Conditioned Pt.1. We really liked their previously released singles, so we were excited to give the full EP a listen. 


Conditioned Pt.1 starts with Misogyny – no easy intro, no smooth transition. After a sample, it starts with a growl and a ton of energy that will continue through the rest of the EP. The drums and the chugging guitars are driving the track as we jump into moshpit territory.

Servant of Ira

Servant of Ira was released before, and we are happy to hear it again. If you haven’t seen it, there is a video for this track as well. Servants of Ira starts off with an electronic beat and a groovy riff that’s impossible to stand still too. Where Misogyny is more hardcore, this is definetly on the metalcore spectrum. The electronics are a really nice addition to the sound, and they are complimented by a stutter guitar. I hope they will use more electronics in the future. My only negative for this song is that it’s too short. Actually it isn’t, any longer would make for more repetition probably. It’s just that I really like the sound of this track that I wish there was more of it. 


Stingrays was also previously released, and more similar in sound to Servants of Ira. It was also released with a video. The stutter-guitar that’s featured on Servants of Ira returns here. There’s no clear song structure to the song, just a collection of nice chuggy riffs and breakdowns. That makes again for very little repetition, which I like, but this track is also a bit on the shorter side. The ending with the open notes is pretty nice though, although a bit eerie. 

Comfort Culture

Comfort Culture is the final track on the EP. Again, more of a hardcore vibe with groovy guitar riffs. As a bassist I always love a bass break, and it’s even better if you turn up the volume. This is a more high-energy track, which would probably do well live. It’s also the only track with a clear sing-a-long chorus, even though it’s only heard once. The breakdown near the end gets our heads low to the ground.

Final thoughts

I like Gallamesh. I’ve said that since their first release, when out of nowhere Stingrays dropped. And that hasn’t changed. Every track on this EP is definitely worth a listen. My only feedback would be that all of these tracks are a little short, and could maybe use just a little more repetition. It’s probably a stylechoice not to do so. WIth an EP this short, I’d rather not give you a favorite track ‘cause you can listen to the whole thing at once. If I have to, Servants of Ira is probably still my favorite.


Servants of Ira
Comfort Culture

You can find Gallamesh on their website or on Facebook

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