F.U.A + The Keratins +Zip It!

F.U.A + The Keratins +Zip It!
F.U.A + The Keratins +Zip It!


January 21, 2023    
10:00 pm - 11:45 pm


Rockclub The Cave
Prinsengracht 472, Amsterdam, 1017 KG

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F.U.A + The Keratins +Zip It!

F.U.A. [NL] – Punk/Hardrock
a Dutch punk/hard rock band from the city of Purmerend in The Netherlands/Holland. We exist of four members and each one of us is totally different.

The Keratins [NL] – Rock
This brand new band originated this summer by a connection of friends who just love to rock. Are you ready to rock/roll/swing/dance/shout and to receive? Because this band will deliver.

Zip It! [NL] – Rock
Once upon a time… Drummer Mike and guitarist Niek began their journey to start a rock band. 416 band members later, they finally found the golden combination with Sanne on bass guitar and JP on guitar and vocals. After switching between 536 songs in their repertoire and 53 band names later, they are now ready to rock your socks off! Enjoy Zip It!

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