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Horizon Tide

Hailing from: Amsterdam
Genre: heavy rock, alternative

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Horizon Tide started out as an alternative rock formation in 2015 in Amsterdam. Combining elements of heavy and progressive rock with Daan’s screamy vocals, Horizon Tide brings a unique blend of heavy rock. Influenced by bands like Chevelle and Tool, Horizon Tide could be compared to Black Map and Taproot.

The first EP, Disembark – Disconnect, was released in 2016. With that, a new energetic liveshow was also born. Horizon Tide brings headbanging riffs and a lot of energy to every stage they play. In 2018 the band was part of the Dutch Metal Battle competition and things were looking bright. However, every great band needs a disaster story, and Horizon Tide’s started right after. The drummer got injured and broke a wrist and an elbow, and finding a drummer capable of all the weird progressiveness the band does seemed an impossible task. Luckily the drummer recovered but by then the other guitarist decided to part ways. And of course right at the time the band found a replacement, the Covid Pandemic hit.

During the pandemic however the band has been able to redefine their sound and work on new tracks. The new guitarist brings in more metal than before, and as a result the songs have gotten heavier, more headbangable, with even more energy than before. In the summer of 2022 the band will release two brand new tracks, one of which will also be accompanied by a video clip. Horizon Tide is ready to take over the stages again, even more so than before! Ride the wave with us!

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