Hailing from: Veluwe
Genre: folk

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ALVENRAD hails from the Veluwe and is conceived as a folk metal band.Entitled ‘Habitat’, the debut album saw the light as noble digipak in 2014. The band’s wayward approach to folk metal left no one indifferent.Drummer Ingmar Regeling and bass player Arjan Hoekstra joined the duo to enter the stage in ’16. Thus the world premiere was in Balve (Germany) in ’16, on the eve of the Prophecy Fest. Then Arjan quit and Mark’s younger brother Thijs took his place.The band released their second album entitled ‘Heer’ as a luxury box set on the 8th of December ’17. The album showed a different approach to folk metal once more and leaned heavily on 70s rock. Thus keyboardist Jasper focussed on Hammond this time. Lyricist Mark used the old Germanic verse form for a great part of the lyrics. Since this wasn’t done in rock music before, it made the album even more unique.In 2019, ALVENRAD joined Heidevolk on their tour through the 12 provinces of the Netherlands. Meanwhile they parted ways with Ingmar Regeling on drums and welcomed Nathanael Taekema on board. ALVENRAD is about to come home. On the upcoming third album they’ll turn to a style which is the closest to their “roots, heart and spirit”: 90s nature inspired metal like originators Vintersorg, Borknagar and old Ulver. The songs will dive deep into essential elements of their home area the Veluwe, expressed in alliterative verse, beautiful folkloric tunes and metallic aggression.

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