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Genre: black, death, heavy metal, thrash

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After some years in the metal underground, it was March 2007 when ‘The New ONHEIL’ arose.
This new line-up consisted of 3 guitarists and 2 lead singers, giving the band more possibilities to expand their own unique blackened metal sound.

The return was announced with the release of a music video and an online single. ONHEIL continued to spread their name with some awesome live shows, including opening for MAYHEM, a show with VADER and playing the STONEHENGE FESTIVAL with ENTOMBED and
BELPHEGOR. This sparked the interest of German Record label Cyclone Empire which released ONHEIL’s full-length album ‘Razor’ in 2009. ‘Razor’ was received extremely well and got high ratings by the media.

ONHEIL unleashed their second album ‘Storm Is Coming’ in 2014. The album has taken the band’s musical style to a higher level with its more dynamic compositions and better sounding production. The album was received even better than their previous album, reaching the ‘top
album’ status or ‘10/10’ rating quite a few times. With the help of music videos and social media, ONHEIL’s music reached a larger audience, gaining fans throughout Europe, USA, South-America, and even in countries like Japan, Israel, Lithuania, Egypt and Russia.

With the success of their two albums, and their diverse sound, ONHEIL was able to share the stages of Europe with many major metal bands from both the black and death metal scene as well as thrash or heavy metal bands. Examples of the festivals played include PARTY.SAN OPEN
AIR, EXTREME FEST (in 3 countries), METAL MEAN, STONEHENGE and playing shows with bands like MAYHEM, VADER, ONSLAUGHT, ASPHYX, ROTTING CHRIST and an, unfortunately canceled show with, IMMORTAL.

After some big line-up changes and some Corona pandemic setbacks, ONHEIL is back with a new strong line-up of experienced musicians and a newly recorded album, mixed and mastered by the legendary Dan Swanö

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