Ter Ziele

Hailing from: Friesland
Genre: doom, sludge

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With a shared preference for Sumac, Cult Of Luna, Amenra, Briqueville and bands alike, Erik, Marc, Patrick and Jouke decide to join forces in the fall of 2020. Having great affinity for post- and blackmetal, the band members scan the existing borders of the doom genre, thus giving their own spin to it through burdensome riffs, crushing drums and eerie vocals.

The lyrical focus is on the greater philosophical, scientific and esoteric questions such as the obstacles of the psyche and the wistful prospects for mankind.

With multiple nationwide shows and as a supporting act for Dopelord, Ter Ziele has made a promising start in 2021, leaving an early mark on the Dutch metal scene. Behind the curtains a full-length record is in the making, marking these two new singles as runner ups in the first quarter of 2022.