The Unslain

Hailing from: Nijmegen
Genre: modern

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We are The Unslain, a four piece Modern Old-School Metal band based in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Our music consist of a combination between 80’s and modern heavy metal. Raw vocals supported by heavy riffs and a nasty groove with a polymetric flavor and maybe some breakdowns are characteristic for our songs. By taking inspiration out of the classic 80’ heavy metal and nowadays modern metal(core), The Unslain created a crushing new sound. Live we bring a dynamic show in which we play only self-written work. Songs from our debut album “We Will Battle” are played alongside newer material from our upcoming album called ‘Descending’. Together with our stage production we promise a highly energetic yet extremely tight performance. On the 20th of April 2019 we won the audience prize in the Dutch (Wacken) Metal Battle. Very proud of this result, new music is coming very soon!

Upcoming Gigs

Arche + The Unslain
03/02/2024 at Flatertheek

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