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Hailing from: Zwolle
Genre: melodic, hardcore

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Eternalice is a Dutch melodic metalband started in 2016. During several personnel changes and while working on their first EP, they eventually settled with Ben van Manen on drums, Ferrence Rosier on lead guitar, Levi Lindeboom on rhythm guitar, Nick Diepenbroek on lead vocals and Robin Zinger on bass.

The band’s music is typically melodic metal, with some groove, thrash and core influences and their lyrics deal with topics like philosophy and war, but also personal things such as loss and battling addictions.

In March of 2021, the band’s first EP titled ‘Disconnected’ was released on different platforms. They also released the single ‘Wounds to Scars’ in january 2022. Now Eternalice is ready to claim their place in the metal world!

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