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Hailing from: BredaWi
Genre: death, melodic

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The story of TerraDown started in 2016 in Breda, The Netherlands. After a few years playing in local venues they stumbled into the national preliminaries of the Wacken Metal Battle 2019. As unexperienced as they were, the band grew rapidly during the competition. They won the Dutch Metal Battle and got their ticket to play at one of worlds largest metal festivals Wacken Open Air 2019, which opened the door for performing at many festivals afterwards.

Judgement: with a heavy philosophical view in its lyrics, the songs set the stage for the concept of the band. A group of survivors in a broken world, where all the faults and mistakes of our present day society led to an apocalyptic event. The album makes the audience contemplate about themselves, the society and our future. This concept is represented by dark textures, modern riffing and ruthless vocals. The debut album, released 8th of May 2020, acted as a judgement on this day and age, in which every individual may hear their own story.

During the several COVID-lockdowns, the band have used their time writing and recording a new EP, setting a new standard for their sound. Now nearing 2022, TerraDown through relentless self promotion and perseverance have secured a deal with worldwide agency Metal Music Bookings & Management. This has resulted in the announcement of two huge UK shows supporting legendary guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen in March 2022, marking the start of what’s to come. Stay tuned.


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Metalbattle 2024 + TerraDown
January 20, 2024 at de Pit
Dynamo MetalFest Bandbattle
March 30, 2024 at Dynamo

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