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The Dutch black metal band Asgrauw is active since 2010. While their first album Schijngestalten showed straight-forward old skool influences, the following material showed a more atmospheric and melancholic vibe. They are affected by the great 90’s Scandinavian hordes like Ulver, Emperor, Dodheimsgard and Darkthrone what you observe on their 2th album ‘Krater’. Asgrauw relies on a dark and bleak atmosphere with piercing guitars and haunting synths, that are strengthened with powerful and energetic punky riffs and heavy drums. has two vocalists, which gives a lot of variety in vocal styles. Their thirth album Gronspech which is performed in local dialect, was well received by the press. Publicity, however, does not interest the band. The men follow their own introvert path and are averse to trends and opinions.

Begin 2020 Asgrauw released IJsval a album filled with apocalyptic scenes that in more or less became reality, Asgrauw showed a more technical part of itself on this album but kept their own sound. This line has even been extented to the upcoming album “Façade”. It has the signature Asgrauw sound and riffs, the album combines the technical aspect of IJsval with the furious parts of Gronspech.

Asgrauw is part of “Zwotte Kring” and has members active in Meslamtaea, Sagenland and Schavot

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Geldersch Hel Presents: Easter Black Fest IV
March 30, 2024 at Astrant
Von Mollestein, Frontline Despair, Veenlijk en Asgrauw
April 13, 2024 at Cafe De Meister

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