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Hailing from: Gelderland
Genre: black

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In may 2022, Dutch metal musician Niels Riethorst (ex-Heidevolk, ex-Nodfyr, ex- I shall move the earthh, Plaagdrager) started a solo project as an outlet for his deepest emotions, both looking inward as well as a reflection of the world surrounding him. The name Beenkerver (bone carver in Dutch) was resurrected, being his nickname during the Heidevolk days in early 00’s.

From the very first note he played, the bleak brutality of 90’s black metal guitar riffs, fast drumming and 80’s inspired atmospheric overtones were so strong that within 2 months, an entire album was written and recorded. Dark, foggy, rainy and windy like the Dutch weather often is. This album became ‘Ontaard’ (unearted) which saw a digital release on july 25h, 2022. Soon after, an agreement was made with Vendetta Records from Germany to publish ‘Ontaard’ on CD Digipack, Tape and Vinyl. These willl be released in the second half of 2022.

As a one-man-band, zero compromises are made and only the truest of feelings are poured into the music, exploring emotions of darkness to create darkness. All wrapped in stories from local folklore, tales of loss and mourning, legends and art from Gelderland, the Netherlands.

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