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Genre: heavy metal, heavy rock, progressive

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Take 50 years of Hard Rock, Metal, Southern Rock and a bit of Progressive Rock; Diggeth will digest it and will spew out their mix of all these genres in songs with hooks, heaviness and groove! This kick ass 3-piece band does give a complete new meaning to “Metal-‘n-Roll” with their breakthrough album Gringos Galacticos. Their live shows are legendary; the mix of genres is never forced, it flows, it pulses, it grinds and most important; it grooves! They make you wonder: “How can a three piece sound so big?” The band, founded by guitarslinger & vocalist, Harald “Big H”, know their trade: From the big sounding guitar and the weathered, raw and melancholic vocals, to the low-end thunder by bassplayer “Pebbles” and the grooving, heavy drums by Casper “The Chief”; This band is on fire. To deliver more than a great show, it takes hard labour, practice and experience. They toured and played from 2004 up to the present, all over Europe This Intense touring brought them opening slots to a fine selection of respectable bands such as: Michael Schenker, Exodus, Megadeth, Slayer, Karma To Burn, Soulfly, Sacred Reich, Motörhead’s Phill Campbel And His Bastard Sons, Flotsam & Jetsam and Disturbed The band stayed to true to their motto “Keep On Diggin” and returned to the studio to write and record new matirial entitled: “Zero Hour In Doomtown”. Which will be released, through No Dust Records, in association with Suburban Records, for Europe and Qumran Records in the USA.