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Icons of Brutality

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A short tale about Brutality;

Twisted horror-themed lyrics, sickening guitarriffs, combined with D-beat- and blastbeat-drumrythms…….

Since Icons of Brutality started out in 2009, the band always has been known for putting all these elements into an intense exposure of crust-‘n grind-flavored oldschool deathmetal.

The Chapel of Madness released their debutalbum “Between Glory and Despair” in 2013 which was received quite well by both fans and press. Of course the band felt the need to prove themselves in front of many audiences and thus I. O. B. went out on stage as much as they could playing with great bands such as Exhumed, God Dethroned, The Agonist, Grave and many more.

After a roaring start the Deathmetal machine came face to face with turmoil. Founding member Jeroen decided to leave the band and was replaced by Bas Karman. After this switch the band kept going in relative silence. So much silence that many thought that Icons of Brutality was dead and buried.

But this was never the case, I. O. B. marched on. Creating new music as a group as all five members contribute to the process of writing new material.

Their latest album “Doctrines of Deceit” (2019) was recorded and mastered by Fredde at the Dirty-Bird-studio. Providing the album with a ultraheavy guitarsound, the band sounds like a diesel-driven monstertruck, fully ready to crush everything in its path. “Doctrines…” consists of 7 brandnew OSDM-tracks that reveals the most brutal face of Icons of Brutality. On this album the band reached a next level in their own uncompromising style and surely will tear your soul apart. So when you think you’re ready ….Take a look, listen and allow yourself to be crushed by the Icons of Brutality!.

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