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Hailing from: Groningen
Genre: hardcore

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“LIES! is Euro violence galore! One of the hardcore heavyweights from the Netherlands playing an aggressive blend of pure hardcore and 90s metallic hardcore. Think , and mixed with , or . The extreme vocals and pounding riffs create a terrifying aggressive hardcore sound. [..] such a powerful Dutch band we haven’t heard in a long time”. 
After a break of a 7 years they took the world by storm with their comeback EP “Rebirth” (2022) with an huge amount of plays for a DIY release. Lyrically the songs are about gripping personal events and socio-political subjects. 
 LIES! emerged out of the Groningen scene in 2011. Founded by the ex-members of hardcore bands , The Hunger, and metal bands Expulsion, Mon’strum and . 
In 2011 they released a demo (Street Survival Recs) and in 2012 a 12″ vinyl album called “Nineties” (TTL Recs). This debut record gained nothing but positive critics. Their energetic heavy live shows quickly drew attention of both the hardcore and metal community. LIES! played hardcore shows and festivals in several countries in Europe including shows with , , and . 
In 2015 Indonesian label Diorama Recs released a split-CD with LIES!, and Hands Upon Salvation. 
In 2015, they put the group on indefinite hiatus. From 2022 LIES! is back in business as a 5-piece band with a new EP, singles and live-shows.

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