Hailing from: Stiens (Friesland)
Genre: progressive, symphonic

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In the heart of the Northwest of Frisia; Surrecturus was formed by Henk ter Heegde and Ieme van der Veen, by a mutual interest in music mixing and producing. Henk is a renowned and well respected drummer who can also play a multitude of instruments. Ieme is a vocalist who is very well known for his vocal skills and stage performance; both driven by the power of big sounding music they started their journey. They got along very well and a short while after that, they engaged in their own songwriting; and recording it all in their own studio. Very quickly the idea rose to record a complete album, the working title was never changed: Awake and Arise.

Ieme was always driven by the idea of writing a theme based album, regarding the lyrics. And so we travel from Lilith, mother of demons and birth of all evil into the Black Magick trilogy. Starting with the mind control program of the ancient pharaoh’s: Power of the Trivium. Then we dive into the result of mind control: Isolation. Where all light seems gone, we will Arise and Awake from this slumber and travel on to our own old land where we found out, we raped and killed ourselves. Even though Luna was our Queen we killed her out of jealousy and greed. And so even the night will die, we will lose our soul and on the path of our united tears we will walk the soil of our old land and hear her cry….. Will we bring back Baldr or will we witness The rebirth of Lilith….

For the most lead guitar soloing, they asked the well talented guitar player Geart de Haan. Amazing talented player who came up with excellent solo’s, that really benefits to the songs and is a great and welcome contribution to the entire album.

Members of Surrecturus are:

● Drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, percussion and backing vocals: Henk ter Heegde

● Vocals: Ieme van der Veen

● Feat.: Solo guitars: Geart de Haan

All songs were written, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Henk ter Heegde and Ieme van der Veen at the Project Sound Studio Stiens. All rights belong to the authors

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