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The Frontiers

Hailing from: Spijkenisse
Genre: heavy metal

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‘We are the fucking frontiers, so the limits will be reached’
This fragment from their song ‘Barrier Breached’ is something that the band certainly lives up. The Frontiers are known for their energetic live performances, in which they like to party hard. To these guys from Rotterdam there is nothing better than playing their signature Heavy Rock ‘n’ Roll music.

The power quartet consists of loud frontman, singer and bassist Tim van den Bogaerdt, fast lead guitarists Thijs van der Sluijs and Dennis Hoek, and pounding drummer Rik Lamers.
2022 saw the release of four new singles, being D.M., Circles (Part I), Rebound and Volcano. These songs have become an essential part of their live shows.
Always ready to play, they are guaranteed to kick some ass. Earplugs are advised, because the volume will be turned up to eleven and the ceiling will be blown off!

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