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Sammath started out as a Black Metal band formed by Jan Kruitwagen by the end of 1993 releasing 3 demos and 6 albums in 30 years. Folter Records 1997/2014 Hammerheart Records 2014…. The upcoming 7th album, Grebbeberg once again set in the horror of World War II, tells the story of Kruitwagens great-uncle who perrished in the forgotten battle of the “Grebbeberg” in 1940. A fitting title for an album showing Sammath at their peak. 30 years of experience in songwriting comes together in a perfect storm. Like a war hammer to the head, “Grebbeberg” is Black Metal which beats you into submission. It simultaneously provides the soundtrack to battle preparation and the triumph of victory in battle, all in a very ugly way. No matter how grand and unforgettably poetic folkloric depictions of Hell are, there is little prose aimed at the Underworld anywhere near as horrifying as the theater of war among men. No excuses, no reamping, no recording drums or guitars in segments. Blood, sweat and breathing extreme metal. “Grebbeberg” sees the band perfect the style they were championing on their previous two albums. A dynamic, tremelo filled glorious return to 90s Black Metal with a great strong production.

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