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Shoot The Messiah

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Genre: death, thrash

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Shoot The Messiah is a thrash/death metalband that was formed at the beginning of 2015. When bass player Michael Lubbersen joined vocalist/guitarist Leroy de Raad, Lead Guitarist Serge van der Haar and drummer Simon Hofman. With the idea to make some brutal music. Some members already knew each other from their previous band: Morgellon. It was clear there were differences in taste of metal. But these differences soon melted into one brutal, passionate and differentiated construction that became Shoot The Messiah.

In the beginning of 2016 Shoot The Messiah started to make stages unsafe with their music. Throughout the time the band performed they received many positive feedback about the brutal vocals, the shredding guitars, the progressive drums and being a “real” metal band.

“Around 21:00 the nostalgic old-school thrash/death metalband Shoot The Messiah kicked the evening off. It was very cool to see how these young men made an great ode to this old-school style. Very soon the band knew how to get the audience in the palms of their hands and after many horns up the hair flew in the air.” (Brouwer, M., WingsOfDeath, 2016)

The band thinks it is important that each song has its own atmosphere. With this atmosphere each song will stand out but in a way that it still has the created character of Shoot The Messiah. In the summer of 2016 the band started to record the tracks of their first EP “Here Dead We Lie”. It will be a two-track EP with the songs “Here Dead We Lie” and “Morgellon”. The lyrical concept of “Here Dead We Lie” is based on the poem “Here Dead We Lie” by A. E. Housman about World War I.

The EP will be released in 2017.

In 2019 Shoot the Messiah released their full-length debut album “Kill All Gods”. This the first high quality production from Shoot the Messiah. This album portays the beginning of the band and is focused around differentiated theme’s and construction of the songs. The big message isn’t anti religieus or hatefull towards any group of people. The message is: Create your own opinion before you follow the opinion of someone else.

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