Hailing from: Eindhoven
Genre: death, progressive

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‘’INFERUM is a progressive Death Metal band from Eindhoven, Netherlands, formed in 2016. They bring heavy, progressive and groovy riffs in a way that almost sounds mechanical. The group consist of 5 young musicians with an average age of just 20 years old: vocalist Morrison de Boer, guitarists David Luiteb and Lars Deelman, bassist Ozzy Voskuilen and drummer Wouter Macare. Despite their young age they’ve accomplished quite a lot; they won the audience and jury prize at the Dutch Metal Battle, the Dutch Wacken Battle and a third prize at the international Wacken Battle, as youngest band ever to bring home a prize. Besides that, they’ve also shared the stage with band like Cryptopsy (this was Inferum’s release show for the Modern Massacre EP), Suicide Silence, Vader, Entombed A.D., The Charm The Fury and countless underground bands such as For I Am King and Sisters of Suffocation. Inferum brings spectacular, energetic shows that leave you hungry for more.’’

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