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Hailing from: Gelderland
Genre: stoner

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Thammuz was founded in June 2020 in the Netherlands. The band consists of members from the former Dreckneck and Fuzzboar. Dreckneck was started as a stoner rock and roll band in 2015. Jip, the second guitarist joined the band in 2019. After 5 years of playing gigs and recordings, they unfortunately split up. The drummer (Tinus), as well as guitarist and vocalist (Harm) and the second guitarist (Jip), decided to start a new project. In just a few days, a new bass player was found in Jurren. He played bass in Fuzzboar before, but was also looking for a new project. In just two weeks, after a few rehearsals, it was time to hit the studio. In one weekend, Thammuz’ first album “Into the Great Unknown” was created. It was released on November the 18th in 2020. The reviews were great and the album ended up in second place on the international Doom Charts in November 2020. The genre was described as stoner rock and doom with psychedelic influences, as well as some grunge and blues. After this great success a second lockdown came, so no gigs were to be played. Thammuz took this time to write new songs. After 1,5 years, they finally played their first gig and went back into the studio. This resulted in the second album “Sons of the Occult”, which was released on Argonauta Records on 28th of October 2022. Thammuz managed to get into the Doom Charts for the second time. Sons of the Occult is described as gloomier and darker, but with the same diversity as its predecessor.

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