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Genre: death, modern, thrash

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Degenerate is a collaboration between Dutch musicians, Rens H., Dani R.C., Bas B., and Filip A.F. who all share a big history in the Dutch metal scene. Frontman Rens H. formed the band in early 2016 with a vision to unleash a modern thrash/death metal hybrid. In that same year Rens teamed up with drummer Melle Kramer to produce their first Demo EP. Not only fans where positive by the 2016 release, also the international media publishes some decent writeup’s about the bands release. After the great response, Rens went looking for suitable musicians to bring the music to the stage.
 With this current line-up they played numerous shows in venues all over The Netherlands with bands like Distillator and Acid Drinkers. 
 After the release of the bands first Demo EP in 2016 the name Degenerate has grown fast in the dutch metal scene and became known for their energetic live performances and great songwriting. The unique combination of challenging guitar riffs, technical drumming, melancholic guitar leads and solo’s creates a sound of yesteryear and will bring back memories of 80’s style thrash metal, without excluding modern metal heads. Degenerate’s music will appeal to fans of Max Cavalera-era Sepultura, Children Of Bodom and Death. 
 On October 4th 2019 they released the first single “X-Ray Annihilation” as a preview on the full-length album “Devastation Ahead” which came out on November 15th 2019. “Devastation Ahead” was mixed and mastered by Mendel Bij De Leij (ex-Aborted).

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