Rages of Sin

Hailing from: Den Haag
Genre: death, thrash

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From The Hague, Holland hails RAGES OF SIN (R.O.S.), a deathrash act that was established back in 2009. The first few years of the band’s existence the Dutchies have tried to simply capture what excites them about song writing, performing and used their early days to create songs that RA(n)GE from thrash metal riffing to pounding death metal and some acoustic interferences that every now and then can turn progressive.

The individual band members are highly inspired by Sweden’s melodic death metal sound which is represented by bands such as Hypocrisy, Opeth and Soilwork. RAGES OF SIN however are not copycatting aforementioned acts, rather applying some of their roots and principles to their hell-bent music. Lyrically, the quartet derives their inspiration from contemporary SINners, focussing on the “WTF-factor” of what people can do to each other and their offspring. Truth really seems to be stranger than fiction…

RAGES OF SIN debuted with a self-titled self-released four track demo CD in 2010 which allowed the band to play dozens of shows in The Netherlands and abroad (Belgium, Germany and Switzerland). R.O.S. were the opening act at the (one time only) metal stage on 2015’s Schollenpop festival which allowed the RAGERS to play in front of 10.000 metal fans.

In 2018, another 4-track EP ‘The Gospel Of…’ was self-released by the band, but distributed by Pt78 Records.

2019 heralded a new creative phase, culminating in 2020 with the ambitious full length concept album ‘DIVERGENCE’. With an overall theme of things not being as they seem, reviews were unanimously positive about the sheer musical variety on the album, adding ‘Progressive’ to the ever growing list of R.O.S. style descriptors.

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