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Solarcycles’ music will take its listeners to a world where past and present fold in on each other, and one’s deepest and darkest emotions find acceptance in being an inevitable part of one’s existence in nature.

Sascha’s mesmerizing vocals, heavily inspired by indie pop artist ”Florence and the Machine”, blend uniquely with the signature melodic- and heavy metal riffs produced by the IJsbrandij brothers on guitar and drums. The band’s sound can be described best as a mix between Evanescence and Arch Enemy, touched by an epic layer of folk- and symphonic compositions. Lyrical themes include nature, paganism and esoteric religious movements. Solarcycles’ music explicitly critiques the destruction of our planet, and encourages a renewed union between humankind and nature.

Late 2017, Solarcycles released their first and self-produced EP ”Ethereal Storms” which has been received with huge enthusiasm and acclaimed by the critic both nationally and internationally. Currently, the band is ready to start a new journey and planning to release their first full length studio album in 2023.

Armed with many good reviews Solarcycles is ready to hit the stage! Praised for its stage performance and stage decoration for being “spot on” reviewers say Solarcycles “Would certainly not be out of place at one of the big Fantasy festivals”. And in fact that is what Solarcycles’ have been dreaming of all this time: to be asked to perform at amazing festivals. Hopefully this dream will become reality!

”Their originality and uniqueness is extremely apparent. For their first release, and that being an EP, SOLARCYCLES have surely succeeded in creating something truly whimsical.” – METAL TEMPLE, by Aurora Kuczek

”The band’s own sound is patent in each and every song of ”Ethereal Storms”; emotional, doomy atmospheres reign supreme throughout this EP, setting them apart from other folk metal bands.” – INDIEPULSE MUSIC, by Joseph Timmons

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