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Wake of Dawn

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Genre: djent, metalcore

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With their EP ‘Brinicles’, Wake of Dawn introduces their signature blend of metal and EDM to the world. Sharing their inner thoughts and fears, WoD provides an energetic outlet for people who’re stuck pursuing their dreams, while also letting them know they’re not alone. With smashing drums, heavy riffs, and ambient synths -mixed and mastered by Ronnie Young (FOH for Periphery, Plini, AAL)- the band is without a single doubt capable of leading a new movement of EDM-influenced metalcore. The desire to be part of something bigger drives the band to genuinely connect with each other and their fans. This is expressed by using both online and offline socials as a hangout for everyone who’s willing to join. Where fans can feel welcome and share their thoughts and stories.

The idea of WoD started when Gene and Sietse first met. Gene had already made a name for himself in the metal community throughout his work with Distant and To Heaven Earth Is Hell. Joined by brothers Bob en Bram they started Wake of Dawn. Throughout Dutch lockdowns and curfews the band enthusiastically worked on their music and have thus already proven to be strong enough to sustain themselves in the music industry. Influenced by the likes of Northlane, Architects, Periphery and Spiritbox, the band delivers an intense live show with a message and aims to send their audience home with sore necks.

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