Hailing from: Eindhoven
Genre: metalcore, modern

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Dutch metal formation REFORMIST brings you a modern blend of metal. Hailing from the Eindhoven and Rotterdam area, REFORMIST brings music that is full of thick grooves, atmospheric cleans, brutally hard hitting riffs and vocals possessed with emotion. Heavy progressive music with catchy and groovy riffs, melodies and vocals. For fans of Whitechapel, Novelists, Humanity’s Last Breath, Periphery and Meshuggah.

REFORMIST has performed at Poppodium 013, Baroeg Rotterdam (Submit Fest), Patronaat and more. In 2022, the band was part of Popronde Nederland. The stage has been shared with bands such as InVisions, Cold Night For Alligators and more. See REFORMIST live at one of the upcoming gigs.

REFORM, REBUILD The debut EP contains 6 dynamic songs and was released July 2nd 2021. The lyrical content of the EP tells a fictional story of an apocalyptic cleansing of the human race, by mother Earth herself. After the warning signals, swarming viruses and raging natural disasters terrorize the planet. A select group of humans will survive and are given a second chance. A second chance to reform their way of living and rebuild a more harmonious world. With each passing year this story comes frighteningly close to our reality…

Upcoming Gigs

MetalCafe Live met Mountain Eye, Reformist en Epistulum
February 2, 2024 at de Vorstin
Bredius Brutality
February 24, 2024 at Podium Bredius
Reformist + ZubZero
March 28, 2024 at Rockcaffe Mukkes
Nieuwegein Heavy
May 25, 2024 at De Partner

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