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Genre: metalcore

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“Show me where it all began…”

A metal core band from The Netherlands. Founded in 2018 it is our goal to create vibrant music that is available and reachable to all kinds of audiences.

We take great pride to have influences from bands like , , and . Our records are melodic, include screams, growls and clean vocals, heavy drum work and technical guitar play styles.

We consist of five members with all different characters and personalities. We combine these differences in our writing and playing process. Though we label ourselves as metal core, we try to stay creative and experiment with new ideas.

Not every song will fit the description perfectly… But what does in life?

We are Serotonia

Serotonia is more than just Metalcore. We specialise in different genres and styles.

“Show me where it all began;”

We are a diverse metal band based in Alkmaar, NL. With influences from @Periphery, @AsILayDying, @Sylosis, @Leprous and much more. Founded in 2018 we have created several EP’s, done several gigs and are now hard at work to create new and fresh music. We create what we feel like. This means we are not limited to one genre or style. Immerse yourself in this new, vibrand and melodic world.