Hailing from: Tilburg
Genre: hardcore, metalcore, modern

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Hard hitting and straight to the point. BRACES brings music that hits you in the face. This four-piece metalband from the south of the Netherlands blends elements from hardcore, metalcore and deathcore. Inspired by Slipknot, Emmure and Knocked Loose, they’re also adding details of electronic and percussive elements in their music. BRACES just released their first two singles ‘Blissful Misery’ and ‘Eyes of the Serpent’ and played a successful debut show together with Torn From Oblivion.

“Their interaction is seamless and exceptionally good for a debut show; BRACES demonstrates that they have the potential to become a high-quality deathcore band.” – 3 Voor 12

With one more single on the way, their goal is to tear down every stage they set foot on. Don’t hurt yourself listening to BRACES, or you’ll end up needing a pair.