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Hailing from: Lemele
Genre: progressive

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Ohrima is a 4-piece Progressive metal band from Salland, the Netherlands consisting of Dennis Nijenhuis (Bass), Evert Schuurman(Drums, Vocals), Sjoerd Roelofs (Guitar, Vocals, Synths) and Thijs Bults (Guitar, Vocals). On the 27th of January 2023 we released our self recorded and produced debut album Catoblepas. In 2022 the First EP ‘Mindstorm’ and the first singles of the debut were released.

“Ohrima is a fresh new band in the dutch progressive metal landscape. There is a wonderful variety of progressive metal bands that have their own distinct style but the quartet from Salland seems to have found their own approach that’s worth checking out!”

“It could very well be that we have found some new dutch talent. ‘Catoblepas is an album that doesn’t have you hooked on the first listen. It will require a few more ‘shots’ but when it gets in your head, it will intoxicate you like the eyes of the mythical Catoblepas…”

Catoblepas is a Dynamic album that takes a lot of inspiration from bands like Haken, Mastodon and Devin Townsend. This, combined with our love for progressive rock and deathmetal makes Catoblepas an energetic and diverse album with many layers, supported by an exciting rhythm section.
“Catoblepas was written with the idea to keep the energy level high and keep the listener on their toes. The songs on the album are mostly fantasy related and tell stories about witches, banshees and mythical creatures, with lyrics based around current affairs and strong emotions. The mythical Catoblepas represents power and unpredictability to us. We have brought this forward through the high contrast album artwork and the strong dynamic in guitars and vocals by having three singers switch between clean and growl/scream vocals.”

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