XII Thorns

Hailing from: Limburg
Genre: Blackened Deathcore

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XII Thorns is a blackened deathcore band with lyrics based on
gruesome horror movies. Delivering heavy, gut punching
breakdowns with guttural growls and blastbeats that tear your
skin off. We pride ourselves in pushing the boundaries of amelodic
sonic expression while still retaining all the unique elements
deathcore listeners crave.

The three songs on our first EP ‘Wreath’ are self-recorded, self-
produced and self-mastered. Bridging the gap between traditional

deathmetal and new deathcore by using open chords and a slight
adjustment in tuning of the top guitar-string, which released a
whole new pallet of tastes to work with.

A live act with artistic theatrical elements provides the spectator
more directions to enjoy the performance.

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