Hailing from: Utrecht
Genre: thrash

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“If Utrecht had a Bay Area, that’s where Grindpad would be comin’ from. 9/10”
Standing tall for nearly two decades now, Grindpad keeps on doing what it does best: play METAL.
Not caring about the trends that come and, mainly, go.
Metal as it once was meant to be: aggressive, violent, fun.
With their chugging Bay Area-like Thrash, their signature Ed Repka artwork and their no holds
barred live shows, they’ve become the Kings of Dutch Thrashmetal.

Metalfans know by now: when the Shark Crew plays, it’s time for beer, inflatable sharks and a big-
ass moshpit.

With their Sharkbite! EP (2017) being called “The number 1 underground Thrash album of the last
decade”, their critically acclaimed full length Violence (2020) and their upcoming 2023 EP Finger
Collector Crew in hand, Grindpad guarantees to Thrash the stages.
Come and Thrash ’em with us!

Upcoming Gigs

Of Sharks and Lasers!
January 26, 2024 at Studio Gonz

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