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7 Steps of Denial

Hailing from: Hoofddorp
Genre: death, melodic

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Born from the kerosene fumes and roaring sound of jet engines near the raging International airport of Holland another engine roars. 7SOD burst from the lost soils of the netherworld of tulips in 2008 with the desire to play melodic metal. Conspiring their collective passion not only through their songs, live shows and their fans but also through their approach to the music they love – Metal with no boundaries!

The passion and focus to rock the world is matched by that of their musical eagerness – this 5 barrel war machine is fully loaded. Ready or not! Fellow metal heads, musicians, critics and their fan base know that they are dead serious about their music. Working hard on live shows and rapidly increasing their amount of gigs in The Netherlands and abroad, things started taking off for the band, and it has now turned itself into a well-oiled metal machine.

They display their trademark heavy riffs, shredding and twin-guitar solos, cluster bomb rhythms and gut-wrenching vocals with ease, a development that has not gone unnoticed. Thus after 2 EP’s, and many positive reviews they were picked up by Italian record label Audio Ferox and booking agency Black Sheep Bookings and formerly Metal Sound.

This was a very welcome kick up the rear that pushed the band into a higher level and challenged them to do what none of them ever imagined. Improve, create, invent and combine everything they like in Metal. With the resources they had available and great help from various good friends (you know who you are!) they witnessed their songs, which all began as either attic-room riffing and shredding, alcohol and/or mental abuse, grow into the awesome culmination of hard work that is now From Ashes, the band’s debut CD.
As a band 7SOD been through a lot and the album reflects their maintaining faith and the perseverance of all the members. The album shows the willingness to compromise the band’s no-holds-barred Metal approach and its ability to stay appealing and melodic at the same time.

During the years their approach to music has evolved with a reflection of changes in who the band members are. United as a unity. The constant process of evolving and growing is often misunderstood but friends and critics all agree. Time only made them stronger and with dedication and creativity combined, they know only one sound. A raging sound of a tornado. Consuming everything in its path!

Now the band has gone into a new era. Together with Wayland Management and Pt78 Records they will release their new EP called ‘Forgotten’ and will enter the stages full force!

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