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Hailing from: Nieuwendijk
Genre: Epic Folk

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Greetings warriors!
From the Netherlands hails Ilmarinen, an Epic Folk Metal band who aim to tell old folk tales, legends,
and myths through their music and an eccentric stage show.

The songs are a blend of metal and folk music. Loud grunts and distorted guitars that are well known
in the world of metal, combined with danceable folk instruments like the violin and whistles. The
keyboards add an orchestral layer, putting the “Epic” in Folk Metal.

Ilmarinen will unite the audience into an army and take you on an adventure to learn the ways of
war, with the ultimate goal of dethroning the king. So gather your (inflatable) swords, and charge
into battle with us!

Upcoming Gigs

Metalcafé #59: Vrøde + Ilmarinen
April 6, 2024 at OJV Koornbeurs
Vrøde & Ilmarinen
May 24, 2024 at
15 jaar jubileum SkaldGrim
May 31, 2024 at

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