Hailing from: Leeuwarden
Genre: Grinding Deathcore

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Kletus is a grinding deathcore band from Leeuwarden, The Netherlands and was formed in
2018. Inspired by grindcore, hardcore, slam and deathcore with a pinch of progressive, the
band has so far released their self-titled debut album and single “Curb” in 2020. More
recently their latest EP “To Distrust” was released in February 2023, mixed and mastered by
Mendel Bij de Leij.
Kletus delivers filthy, raw and catchy riffs, combined with the hellish vocals of Ðylan Lvci.
Fueled by inspiration from fiction and reality they are ready to violently trash anything
resembling a stage. Pumping basslines like a punch in the guts provide the foundation for the
chainsaw downtuned guitars. Injected by freakishly tight drums and frenzied deep fried
vocals complete the audio onslaught called Kletus.
For fans of Nails, Suicide Silence and Korn.

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March 3, 2024 at Iduna

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