One Remains

Hailing from: The Netherlands
Genre: alternative, melodic, symphonic

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Background and Emergence:
One Remains has emerged from the foundations laid by the former band Endeavour, representing a blend of years of musical experience and evolution. The group’s origins date back to 2018, with some members sharing an even longer history of collaboration. This depth of experience has been crucial in forming a robust foundation, particularly evident in their collaborations with various vocalists. The band entered a new phase in early 2023 with the arrival of Milena as the lead singer and lyricist, marking a period of renewed creativity, upcoming releases, and the promise of dynamic live performances.

Band Members:
Milena (Vocals and Lyrics): Currently enrolled at the Artez Conservatory, Milena has made her mark with the independent release of her German pop song ‘Hier oben’ and featured in Helhalla’s ‘Embrace that Flame’. Her rich experience in diverse bands sets her up as the charismatic frontwoman of One Remains.
Redmar (Guitar): Previously a guitarist in the thrash metal band Evil Eyes, Redmar was instrumental in forming both Endeavour and later, One Remains. His guitar skills are a key element of the band’s signature sound.
Marco (Guitar and Production): Marco’s journey through music has seen him perform with the hard rock group King Fox Fire, with whom he released the album ‘Sinners’ in 2015. He joined Endeavour in 2018, bringing his skills in guitar and music production.
Lucas (Bass): Lucas’s extensive experience with various bands includes a recent stint as a guest bassist for the RHCP cover band Californicated, showcasing his podium presence, adaptability and skill.
Jeroen (Drums): Jeroen’s drumming prowess was honed in bands like Evil Eyes and Vulture. He also plays for the NWOTHM band Dangerous Times for the Dead, contributing to their significant following and catalogue of releases.

The Road Ahead:
One Remains represents a collective of unique musical journeys unified by a shared vision. As they gear up to release new music and take the stage for live performances, they stand on the cusp of a new and exciting chapter. Keep an eye on One Remains as they forge ahead, redefining their sound and captivating audiences with their next musical ventures.

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