Everything Decays

Hailing from: Eindhoven
Genre: black, extreme, hardcore

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EVERYTHING DECAYS, a female fronted extreme blackend hardcore formation from Eindhoven the Netherlands with (ex-) members of Baksteen, Cold Grip, Sisters of Suffication, Ragepyre, Cyanide Paradise and Alternator.

Different musical influences like hardcore, death metal and beatdown collide in EVERYTHING DECAYS. In short, an evening with Everything Decays is guaranteed to be filled with an overload of quick and loud noise.

Fall 2022 EVERYTHING DECAYS hit the studio with the renowned Roelof Klop where they recorded their first single. To complete Everything Decays first release, Will Putney, known from his work with bands such as END, Gojira, Body Count and Fit For An Autopsy, worked his magic by mastering the song. The title of the track “March of the mindless sheep”, is a nice precursor to the lyrics that make up the songs of EVERYTHING DECAYS.

Marvin van Bergen – Drums
Janoes van Hout – Guitar
Stijn de Wijs – Bass
Linn Liv – Vocals

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Metal Battle Voorronde Noord Brabant
February 9, 2024 at Little Devil
June 22, 2024 at

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