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Beggar’s Bridle

Hailing from: Groningen (NL)
Genre: heavy metal

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Beggar’s Bridle is a traditional heavy metal band from Groningen (NL), founded in 2023 by bassist Ralf Pintzka. Beggar’s Bridle set out on a mission to bring back the hard and heavy sound of both the NWOBHM as well as NWOTHM. In order to do so, drummer David Kuis joined the band in early 2023, followed by lead guitarist Wouter Schuiten who, in 2022, already collaborated with Pintzka when both temporarily joined First World Appetite as session musicians. The band is currently looking for a vocalist in order to complete the works on their upcoming debut EP intended to be released this year (2024).

The style of Beggar’s Bridle is best described as a fusion of uncompromising, fast bass lines comparable to those of Steve Harris or Lemmy Kilmister, melodic and screaming guitar play in the styles of Dave Murray, John Petrucci or Synyster Gates as well as relentless full-forward drumwork inspired by drummers such as Dave Lombardo and Nicko McBrain.

Website links, press kit foto, etc. to be added soon. Demo´s are available on Soundcloud.

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