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Hailing from: West-Friesland
Genre: heavy metal

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KFFR was born as DeadBeat in 2005.

After several years of laziness and boredom drummer Jos and guitarist Pedro hooked up once again after slashing the world to pieces with their former bands, the ungodly Desolation and brutal Zymotic.

They recruted former The Hype member Basterd for the position of bass player. In this formation DeadBeat wrote a couple of old-school tracks and performed them also live in places like The Cave (Amsterdam) and R17 (Grootebroek).

After a year singer/guitarist Pedro decided he wanted to focus only on the guitar and DeadBeat found a brutal true metal singer in the form of Michel. This giant front-man, who also emerges from Dead-area West-Friesland, immediately fitted into the thrashy style of old-school metal that DeadBeat plays.

After discovering some more bands as well as a record label with the name DeadBeat, the decision was made to change the band name. Short but straight, without anybody knowing what it means: KFFR was born (again).

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