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Infantry – Terminal Society (album)

Dutch thrash/death metalband Infantry has released their second album last week, Terminal Society. And we are thrilled to give it a listen! Infantry is known for uptempo thrash and getting the party going. The release of their first album ‘Make war not love’ was allready 5 years ago, so it was definately time for some new tracks. The band previously released Terminal Society as a single, but now they are back with over half an hour of brootal music. Let’s dive into it!

Agressiveness with a melodic twist

Terminal Society starts of with Disposer of Immorality and the slow intro is a good gateway into the destruction that awaits in the rest of the track (and the album). The album is produced really well which makes for a nice wall of sound (sorry neighbours). The thrashy guitar riffs are nice and bright, the bass low and pounding and the deep growely vocals are the perfect addition to the aggressive tracks. Those vocals are by the way enhanced on the track Destination: Wonderland by Miranda Visser, vocalist for Hellevaerder. This addition takes the track even more towards the deathmetal end of the Infantry spectrum.

The line between thrash and death metal isn’t always that clear to me, but one thing is for sure, Terminal Society as a whole is aggressive, fast, with chugging riffs and interesting melodies. Under Destruction is a good example of this, and also probably my favorite track of the album. Having said that, it’s rare for an album to have only good tracks, but in this case, there is no track that I don’t like. This album has been on repeat for about a dozen times for this review, and I’m still not tired of hearing the songs.

With Coup D’etat the bands shows off their skill with some nice guitartapping. There isn’t that much room for solo’s on Terminal Society. Instead the tracks are either grooving riffs or layered guitar harmonies. The epic opening (I love that mainriff) to Inner Warfare sounds as though this band belongs on a big stage, alongside Trivium and Decapitated. It’s time for this band to grow beyond our tiny metal country and take the rest of the world by force. This album shows they are more than ready to do so.


I enjoyed this album very much! It is very well produced and sounds like this band is allready playing the bigger stages of the world. The mix of uptempo riffs and aggressiveness blends really welll with the guitar harmonies. I’m not sure what bands I would compare Infantry too, but if you’re into death- or thrashmetal you are sure to enjoy this album.


  1. Disposer of Immorality
  2. Submission
  3. Destination: Wonderland
  4. Under Destruction
  5. Inner Warfare
  6. Coup D’etat
  7. Hail the Victorious
  8. Terminal Society

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