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Muorgal – Under graoa himila

Muorgal, a 2-man black metal project from Utrecht, just released a 2-track EP, called Under graoa himila. Judging from the spelling it’s written in old-Dutch and translates to ‘under grey skies’. And as true black metal demands, even thoug it’s a 2-track EP, it has over 20 minutes of intense music.

Under graoa himila

Under graoa himila tells the story of a lost traveler wandering alone through haunted moors, where the spirits of the dead dwell, long ago sacrificed and offered to the bog. As they wander deeper into the fog and lose their way, the dead, and even the bog itself, speak to them; and they demand blood.

Both tracks follow each other seamlessly. Different layers of instruments make for a deep and rich sound, and the heavy grunts blend in nicely. Every instrument has its place and the mix is done very well. I can’t find any info on who recorded/produced this EP, so my guess would be that this is a home-recording. Extra credits to the band if this is true, because it sounds very well done. More on the melodic side of the black-metal spectrum, I enjoyed listening to these two tracks. The music flows well and is well written, with interesting riffs and a nice mix of heavy blastbeats and more atmospheric breaks to give us some breathing space. The whispers in the background tie in nicely with the story of this EP.

I’ll be looking out for more releases by these guys!


Under graoa himila (09:58)
Sia forteron bluot (12.15

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