Between the Rats and Snakes – Spiral Down (single)

Metalcore band Between the Rats and Snakes just released their debut single through all streaming platforms, and we wouldn’t be if we let that pass by unnoticed. Between the Rats and Snakes has been very active on instagram and tiktok (who knew that would be a platform to promote metal as well?) so we knew this release was coming. And here it is!

Spiral Down is the first official release by BTRAS and there is not much info to be found on them. So, I’m diving into this track with an open mind. Their acronym sounds a bit like RATM and actually, their single reminds me a bit of RATM as well, at least the first part of the track. The heavy, groovy, almost rap-like vocals are kinda similar. That’s where the similarities end, however. Also, where the metalcore ends apparently. Because the chorus is so much like a heavy metal/heavy rock chorus, it doesn’t fully feel like a metalcore track to me. Even though the verses have that metalcore vocals and vibe to it. I can however feel the energy right through my speakers and I’d love to see them live on stage performing this track.

Spiral Down is a nice introductory track for Between the Rats and Snakes and I’d love to see a full album by these guys, to see what more this band has to offer. Final shout-out to end this review: the tight as drums are done by Pushpa Toekoen, a real powerhouse of a metal lady. There aren’t enough female musicians, let alone drummers (and GOOD drummers are even less!) so to learn BRTAS has this superwoman in their ranks earns them bonus points in my book ^^

Check out Between the Rats and Snakes at their own website or in our database.

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