Releasedate : 19 januari 2023

For I Am kIng is a 5-headed metal band from Amsterdam. They play a mix of melodic death and metalcore, nice melodic melodies are interrupted by skull crushing vocals and tight-ass breaks. Vocalist Alma’s power and dedication grab you by the throat right through your speakers. Mix that with some orchestral parts and interesting guitar riffs, and you’ve got the beasts of an album that is Crown. The band has previously played on Wacken Open Air and Metal Days, which shows they are recognized in their greatness worldwide. Crown is the bands 3rd album and with their previous release I receiving great reviews, I’ve been looking forward to this one. 

About the album

Avarice eases us in to the new album like an appetizer would open a great degustation menu. With an emotional instrumental opening that lasts 1.30 min, we plunge deep into the emotions that I imagine stem from the state of the world in the past three years. With lyrics like ‘We lost track of all things magical, how the hell did we get so cynical’ the band isn’t afraid to speak their mind. Avarice is a great opening track to the album as it combines all elements that make For I Am King such a great powerhouse. Strong lyrics, great vocals, nice jump-and-pit worthy riffs and some orchestral parts to combine it all. 

After we’ve released the tension from the past three years a bit with Avaraice, it’s time to let it all go with Liars. I imagine this to be a great track to see live, because I’m quite sure from the first notes the moshpit will be crazy. If you listen closely though, this track is again filled with a straight-forward call to action to change something about the state the world is in. I’m a big sucker for bands with a message and this whole album hits me right in the guts. 

Trojan is one of the tracks the band released a video for and rightfully so, ‘cause similar to Avarice this track showcases all the band has to offer. It is probably also my favorite track of the album. I have to say the metalcore influences seem to have moved a little more to the background with this latest release, as this is more melodic death than anything else, but I’m here for it.

More emotional moments follow with Pariah, and while the track is still quiet heavy, the lyrics cut right through the core. John Henry did some guest vocals for this track, but you have to listen closely to spot them because he and Alma sound quit similar. 

Barriers starts with some nice riffage again, Oblivion takes us to headbang country. Sinners is another fast-paced track and the orchestral elements that made Avarice shine in the beginning of the album are returning for a reprise here. After some epic sounding heaviness, we get a break from it all with a nice interlude. 

Bloodline is probably the most metalcore track from the album. The lighter vibes from Sinners continue onto this track, but after a little more than 90 seconds, we dive into the metalcore groovyness this band also does incredibly well. 

Disciples being the final track, it makes sense that it goes back to the vibe with had in the beginning of the album. It feels like a nice closing song to a great album, and I imagine the tagline “Hail the King, Hail the King, For I am King’ being chanted by the crowd long after the band leaves the stage. 

Final thoughts

I’ve enjoyed listening to this album more than I anticipated, really. The emotional and direct lyrics mixed with the great melodies and use of orchestral elements had me captivated the whole time. I remembered For I Am King being more on the metalcore spectrum, but at least for this album, that assumption wasn’t true. I hope this band gets to play the bigger festivals again with this new release, because this is really a band our tiny country should be proud of. Avarice and Trojan are my favorite tracks of the album.


  1. Avarice (5.11)
  2. Liars (3.22)
  3. Trojans (3.14)
  4. Pariah (3.22)
  5. Barriers (4.48)
  6. Oblivion (3.44)
  7. Sinners (4.42)
  8. Bloodline (4.35)
  9. Disciples (3.33)

You can find For I Am King on their own website ( or visit their bandpage in our database. 

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