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Suicide Prophet – Suicide Prophet

Release date: 18-05-2023

There isn’t much known about Suicide Prophet yet, besides that they just released their self-titled EP on May 18th, and that they are a hardcore band. That doesn’t stop us from reviewing it though.  

About the tracks

Suicide Prophet is a relatively short listen. The self-titled EP from the band consists of five tracks, including three full-length songs that average around 3 minutes each, along with an intro and outro. The total runtime amounts to 12 minutes and 17 seconds. The opener ‘Change’ gets us in the moshpit mood immediately. That vibe continues on Dear Humanity, which criticizes humanity for its role in dismantling and failing those who are already facing challenges.

Suicide Prophet doesn’t provide much about themselves or their tracks. However, the band clearly has more than just hardcore up their sleeves. I wouldn’t even call “I will remain’ hardcore, with its low and slow riffs and growls, making it almost Doom. The same goes for No Judgement, which is more of a mix between the two genres. Transcending Powerlessness is definitely a hardcore track again, although it dives back into Doom territory at the end of the track.

Final thoughts

Suicide Prophet feels like a debut album. The tracks are decent and the band should definitely be proud, however, it feels like a band in their early stages. There are some promising parts, but it doesn’t get too exciting yet. The deep grunts sound better than the hardcore screams, so maybe the band needs to focus more on that blend of Doom and Hardcore they try to achieve in No Judgement. If you give this debut EP a listen, let us know what you thought in the comments! 


  1. Change
  2. Dear Humanity
  3. No Judgement
  4. Transcending Powerlessness
  5. I will remain

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