Salvage – As Above, So Below

Releasedate: 03-06-2023

Hardcore/Metalcore is the flavor of the season. With bands like Man as Plague, Reformist, Changing Tides, and For I Am King we already had a decent collection, but now we can definitely add Salvage to that list. Salvage is a 5-piece hardcore/metalcore band from the Netherlands. They combine various styles to create their own blend of metalcore, but it’s still very recognizably metalcore. On June 3rd they released their first EP: ‘As Above, So Below’. 

The EP

With 4 tracks in total, of which one (Autumn)  already previously got released, there aren’t any big surprises. As Above, So Below is a nice introduction to what this band has to offer us. More than decent vocals, with the right amount of grit in the grunts. Interesting guitar riffs, melodic riffs where they are supposed to be, orchestration in the background, all the goodness. 

Standing in the Ashes might be my favorite track of this album. It has a nice catchy chorus, which gets amplified by those orchestrations. I imagine this will be a crowd-pleaser when played live. Any of these tracks will be, really. The energy is high and stays high throughout, although the moshpit riffs are most present in The Year of the Gallows. As are the headbang riffs, it’s a pretty versatile track. 

Final verdict

As Above, So Below is an EP the band can be proud of, and we as Dutch Metalheads are proud to deliver so many high-quality metalcore acts at the moment. My favorite track of the album is Standing in the Ashes, but all 3 are fine to play on repeat. 


  1. Black Clouds
  2. Autumn
  3. Standing in the Ashes
  4. The Year of the Gallows

You can find Salvage on Facebook or on their page in the database

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