Ninth Gate – Vox Demoni

Release date: 28-06-2023

Ninth Gate comes to release Hell on Earth with their first release: Vox Demoni. The voice of demons definitely seeps through the death and thrash-influenced tracks, that sound like they were recorded in the 90s. Let’s dive into this debut release and open the Ninth Gate of Hell. 

ninth gate vox demoni album art

About Ninth Gate

Ninth Gate is a newer band, but its members have more than proved themselves in other local bands (Headskinner and Release the River). That experience is clearly heard on the five tracks of Vox Demoni. With the longest track just over 3 minutes, Ninth Gate operates more on the thrash metal side of the spectrum. High energy, wailing guitars and solo’s as we should expect on such a release. However, the combination with the demonic lyrics and at some points heavy growls makes for a unique sound still. Even though some parts of the tracks feel somewhat generic, the main vibe is: party metal. Ninth Gate probably doesn’t take themselves too seriously either with lyrics like:

Gospel of death, enemies of the lord Belial’s blade,severing Rome’s Cord.”

If the entire album was a bit more death metal and a little less trash it would serve well as a background track for Diablo IV. 

Final Thoughts

Vox Demoni is a welcoming introduction to Ninth Gate. It’s exactly what we should expect from a debut release in this genre. Fast, br00tal, and with a raw sound that matches the genre. The most exciting song to me is Infinite Well of Mysteries, as this stands out the most among the other tracks. I like the grunts more than the cleaner vocals on the entire album, but that might be my personal preference. The whole thing is a party album, and I can imagine some nice moshpit going from the start of a live performance all the way to the end. 


  1. Infinite Well of Mysteries
  2. Drunk on Demonic Power
  3. Master of Blackened Hearts
  4. Undead King of the Insane
  5. Blade of Belial

You can find Ninth Gate on Facebook or in our database. 

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