Lord Volture reveal ‘Live ‘Em Up!’ album details and cover artwork

Here it is, the next and long overdue LORD VOLTURE release! ‘Live ’em Up!’ will be released on 12th October 2023 via Freya Records.

Here it is, the next and long overdue LORD VOLTURE release! ‘Live ’em Up!’ will be released on 12th October 2023 via Freya Records.

The new live album

Live ’em Up! was recorded at various gigs and tours in Europe during the first decade in the existence of LORD VOLTURE. To be specific, it contains tracks from our sets at SOS Festival 2014 in Manchester, UK, from Wizzfest 2016 in Lotenhulle, Belgium, and from De Verlichte Geest in Roeselare, also Belgium, recorded while we were on the Reign Of Darkness Over Europe Tour with CIRCLE II CIRCLE in 2016. The audience samples used on this album were taken from recordings and fan footage of roughly 60 different European Lord Volture shows.

Especially in the years 2012-2016 the band was on the road a lot, playing close to 200 shows across 19 different countries. Some of the highlights of that period include our European tours in support of CIRCLE II CIRCLE and TIM RIPPER OWENS, festival appearances such as SOS Festival in Manchester and Wildfire Festival in Scotland, opening for established acts like Y&T, SANCTUARY, PRIMAL FEAR and FIREWIND, and delivering the steel to remote places in countries such as Lithuania, Estonia, Slovakia, Spain and Ireland. So many adventures lie in our past and so many others are yet to come. Playing live in front of our fans was, is and ever will be one of our greatest pleasures. We believe that we were able to capture that same energy on this live record. So, set your volume to 11, and Live ‘em Up!


01 Where the Enemy Sleep                      6:03

02 Minutes to Madness                             4:29

03 Taklamakan                                            3:49

04 The Pugilist                                             6:40

05 Will to Power                                         4:13

06 Taiga                                                        7:29

07 Wendigo                                                 4:08

08 My Sworn Enemy                                  3:34

09 Line ‘em Up!                                           5:56

10 Hearts of Steel                                       6:23

The album was recorded and produced by Bart Wyns and Yuma van Eekelen, while it was mixed and mastered by Yuma van Eekelen.

The cover artwork was made by Aleh Zielankievic. Layout by Erik Verheij.

Live ’em Up! will appear on vinyl, CD and on all the major download and streaming platforms. The vinyl edition will be limited to 250 units and we have something special for those who buy the first 100 LPs/CDs. The release date is set to Thursday 12th October 2023. Pre-orders will open early September.

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