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Mysterious duo J. and P., apparently know from other bands as Shagor, Ossaert, Dinbethes and Weerzin, have connected to create some new black metal tunes. Under the name SUOL these two have just released a track called ‘Slot van Voorst’, a track about the arson of the Dutch city Zwolle.

“When diving into Zwolle’s history, SUOL encountered a story about a very prolific family in the 13th century: Baronial family Van Voorst. The Barons Van Voorst were very ambitious, were feared by city folk and traders alike, and managed to build up their own independent area of power around Zwolle with all kinds of tactics to increase their wealth. Operating out of Slot van Voorst and earning their reputation of robber barons, this inevitably led to the clash between Baron Zweeder van Voorst and the city of Zwolle. This led to the city council calling in the help of the bishop of Utrecht, Jan van Arkel. However, Baron Zweeder van Voorst was not pleased with this and, hot headed as Zweeder van Voorst was, things escalated quickly with the arson of Zwolle as a result. ‘Ruiten ende roven is gheen schande, dat doen die heren al die besten van den lande.’

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A message from the Swarte Eyysel collaboration SUOL is part of tells us more about the pre-order.

At once prudently traditional and brazenly unorthodox, SUOL’s iteration of black metal simmers and shimmers, flooding the senses in a fever dream of passion, violence and ancient folklore. Let these six songs take you on a path from Zwolle across the IJssel river towards the Zuiderzee, past arsonist robber barons, shore devils, black shadows, devoured villages and strung-up murderers.

The self-titled album will be released digitally and on digipak. A limited run of T-shirts is also available! Pre-orders available immediately at

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Dive into this history lesson SUOL gives us on Youtube

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