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At the end of the month, Trust Us We’re Liars is releasing their full lenght album ‘Incrementum’. After teasing us with a few tracks on Youtube allready, a new track dropped on Spotify today. Let’s dive into these 4 tracks to see what TUWL has in store for us later this month.

About Trust Us We’re Liars

Trust Us We’re Liars have been working on a solid set for quite a while now. During the lockdowns was the first I heard of this four-piece from Delft. Trust Us We’re Liars play mainly metalcore, but as most bands in that genre, they mix that with a lot of different sources of inspriration. Also like most bands in the genre, the heavy vocals, screams, breakdowns and use of synths in a backing track define their sound.

Trust Us We’re Liars have previously released the Ep “Neophyte Vitae”, but they’re no longer a newcomer to the scene. Their sound is mature and judging from the gigs this band has landed, their live-performance is more than up to standard.

Sleep Silently

Sleep Silently is the latest track that Trust Us We’re Liars released. Right away we’re thrown in a heavy breakdown and when played live, the dropkick’s won’t be far. Different than other tracks, there are a lot of clean vocals on this track. It’s melancholic and sweet, with enough hooks to keep us entertained and enough breaks to keep us on our toes. With the added synths it reminds me of the EDM inspired music of their Dutch colleagues Wake of Dawn. That vibe runs through all four tracks, however, is most present in Sleep Silently.

New Wind is my favorite track in this four-piece line-up. The dissonant intro and the fast-faced mid-section of the track, with the nice build-up towards the very well-written chorus part, bring us classic metalcore vibes. Why change something when it clearly works?

The Bluest Light (also check the video below) has more of the EDM vibes and clean vocals again. That makes this four-piece EP balanced well. The bridge at the end of the track is a really nice break in the middle of all the heavyness. The fact that it doesn’t turn into the chorus again but in a weird break-down part makes me like this band even more.

Suffer is the first new track this band released to tease us for the upcoming album, and now closes this four-piece. It’s again a more up-tempo track, while still maintaining the melodies and expected metalcore ingredients.

Final Thoughts

What a fun re-introduction to this band! I hadn’t heard them in a while but that will surely change after hearing these four tracks. If you’re into metalcore, or more modern crossover bands like Spiritbox, give these guys a listen.

Find Trust Us We’re Liars on their Facebook page or check them in our database.

Check the official video for The Bluest Light here:

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  1. Sleep Silently
  2. New Wind
  3. The Bluest Light
  4. Suffer

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