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Lord Volture – Live ’em Up

Releasedate: 12-10-2023

Lord Volture, with over 15,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, is a heavy-metal force to be reckoned with. With three full-length albums under their belt since 2010, the band is now releasing their first Live Album, Live ’em Up. If you’re a fan of heavy metal, check out this new live album filled with high-pitched screams and guitar solos with us.

Live Long and Prosper

Lord Volture brought the steel to the heavy metal scene in 2010 with a blast when they released their first album, Beast of Thunder. Since then the band has been playing their music live all over Europe, creating a steady fanbase. All these live performances inspired the band to create a live album, with recordings taken from festivals in the UK and Belgium. From 2012 to 2016, the band has played almost 200 live shows, bringing lots of energy and most of all a lot of fun to the stage. That energy Lord Volture displays live is captured nicely on their latest album, Live ‘em Up.

The album

Live ‘em Up contains ten tracks taken from the past three albums. Not only are the tracks of surprisingly high quality for a live recording, but they really capture the live energy of the band well. There are enough clips of the audience mixed in to give you the feeling that you’re right there in the front row screaming along to Will to Power, for instance. It’s easy to hear how much fun this band has when playing live, as they express their love for the audience and the organization as they would live on this album as well. This gives the whole album a real positive vibe that aligns with the happy energy on the tracks.

The energy is high throughout the whole album, and it’s hard for me to pick a favorite track. The vocals are on point, with the right amount of grit, and the bass loud and clear. The guitar solos are just right and in your face, with the drums driving the tracks. It’s just what you would expect from a band like this, done very well. Line ‘em Up, the track that inspired the album title, is the quintessential high energy – sing a long party song, in the style of Two Minutes to Midnight. Although Hearts of Steel is a good contender for my favorite of the album as well, with the high-pitched ‘Hearts of Steel’ scream to start the track. (My God the reach of that guy).

Final Thoughts

Lord Volture is and has been a staple in the Dutch heavy metal scene for about a decade now. This latest live album feels like a crown on the work this band has done over the past few years. It captures the fun and energy the band has on stage well, and takes you back to the numerous times this band has been on stage. If you’ve never heard this band (play live) before and you’re into bands like Iron Maiden, you should definitely check out Lord Volture’s latest release. And if you have been a fan of Lord Volture, this is a great way to re-live those moments. If you’re only going to listen to one track, I’d recommend the opening track ‘Where the Enemy Sleeps’ as it is a nice summary of everything Lord Volture does well, or ‘ Hearts of Steel‘, just because it’s an awesome track.


  1. Where the Enemy Sleep
  2. Minutes to Madness
  3. Taklamakan
  4. The Pugilist
  5. Will to Power
  6. Taiga
  7. Wendigo
  8. My Sworn Enemy
  9. Line ‘em Up!
  10. Hearts of Steel

You can find Lord Volture on their own website, on Facebook, or in our database.

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